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Lily Potter
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Character Name: Lily Potter

Occupation: Auror-in-training, member of the Order.

Physical Desc: Thick red hair and eyes of a brilliant green color often compared, rather melodramatically, to gemstones and summer vegetation make Lily easy to spot and hard to forget. She is lucky enough to have perfectly arched eyebrows and full lips set in a strongly structured face, absent of the freckles that normally accompany complexions such as hers. She’s not tall, standing at the merely average 5’5”, but her good looks and bearing make her appear taller.

Personality: The old stereotype of the fiery red-head holds true in almost every respect for Lily. A quintessential Gryffindor, she stands up for herself and her values quite forcefully and, when it comes to correcting wrongs as she sees them, Lily has no fear. She has something of a hero-complex and has been known to champion people in arguments and fights simply because they are the underdog, without regard to which side is ultimately in the right. She’s stubborn to a fault and has a very short temper- when she feels she’s been slighted, it’s huge work to pacify her. Despite all of this, she is ultimately a happy and vibrant woman with quite a bit of charm at her disposal, when she chooses to exercise it.

History: Born to a muggle family, Lily Evans was more than a little surprised to receive her Hogwarts letter on her 11th birthday. To put it bluntly, she was absolutely horrified for at least three days, at which point she decided that if Wizards really did exist, and she was one, she was going to be delighted about it rather than shocked. What’s more, she was going to be the best. Her new-found enthusiasm proved infectious and soon won her confused and not altogether overjoyed parents from thinking “What in the world are we going to do?” to “What in the world were we so upset about?” After all, they had always believed that Lily, a charmer of a child who was reading at a fifth-grade level by the time she was five, could do absolutely anything.

Lily’s older sister had a different take on the whole thing. The horror that she and Lily had shared at the arrival of the letter- indeed, almost the only thing that the sisters ever shared- never wore off, but rather morphed into a sort of disgust based upon the fact that her bright and pretty little sibling was once again outshining her. This had been a common occurrence throughout the years, and Lily had never really been above taunting Petunia just a little once it was clear that Petunia was always going to dislike the younger girl. The redhead had a temper to match her hair, after all, and good intentions and familial love only went so far before it was triggered by her older sister’s attitude. Of course, she’d always be sorry later, but when Petunia started being difficult, Lily always felt oppressed and retaliated.

The several months before the start of Lily’s first term at Hogwarts thus became rather bitter ones, at least between the siblings. The proud Evanses spared no expense, though they didn’t really have much to spare, on outfitting Lily with the proper equipment for her coming schooling, and Petunia could not ignore the fact that she was being left out- which led to rude remarks and insults on her part, which led to her being ignored even more during the preparations. Any real relationship the sisters might have had was destroyed during this period.

Despite her muggle blood, Lily immediately felt at home at Hogwarts, making friends left and right and excelling in most of her classes. Despite her popularity, she became best friends with the less popular girls and distained the attentions of the “cool” boys from the very beginning. Her tendency to champion the chubby girls against the taunts of their peers, to help the bumbling with their Charms homework while refusing to allow the more charming and lazy to see her work, would most likely have made her something of an outcast were it not for her own unfailing good nature (she got angry quickly, but never stayed angry, and always apologized profusely to even those she disliked most afterwards,) and budding good looks.

Most pronounced, of course, was her dislike for one James Potter, who embodied the things she professed to despise- arrogance, casual cruelty. However, she forged strong friendships with the members of James’ group, and eventually was convinced to change her opinion of him by these ties. The fact that he had, by 6th and 7th year, settled down and stopped jinxing people for the fun of it didn’t hurt…nor did his Head Boy-ship, nor his charm, nor the element of the bad-boy-reformed. By the time she was 17, Lily had given in to her attraction, and she and James were dating quite exclusively; shortly after graduating, they married.

Lily immediately went into training to become an Auror, having high marks to recommend her and the desire to champion the weak that had always been with her to make her successful. As Voldemort’s reign of terror began, her zeal for fighting all things Dark grew to fever-pitch, and it wasn’t long at all before Dumbledore approached the former Head Girl to join the Order.